Area from about 170th St to 176th Street on Amsterdam Ave
showing the Park, the Harlem River, High Bridge, High Bridge Tower,
the Swimming Pool and Trails.  Click on any of the Maps below to enlarge.

Bird's Eye View of the Park and buildings on Amsterdam Ave 172-176th

Bird's Eye View of the Park and buildings on Amsterdam Ave 170-173rd

Street Map
Parcel Map 174th St to 176th St on Amsterdam

Parcel Map 172nd St to 174th St on Amsterdam

Parcel Map 170th to 172nd St on Amsterdam

Parcel Map 168th to 170th St on Amsterdam
and the head of Edgecombe Ave

Satellite View of High Bridge, Park, and adjacent mixed use Properties

Environs of Amsterdam Ave and High Bridge Park 1910.
You can see the reservoir where the swimming pool is now located.
Only a few buildings were constructed at this time.

Here is an aerial photo dated 4/21/1951, one of the first taken of New York City after World War II.

Below is the 1870 Knapp Map of Northern Manhattan, described as a "Map of that Part of the City of New York North of 155th Street Showing the progress made in laying out Streets, Roads, Public Squares, and Places, by the Commissioners of the Central Park, under Chap. 565 of Laws of 1865 and of new Pier and Bulkhead lines under Chap. 697 of Laws of 1867."

We have added a new post entitled "Finding the High Bridge Aqueduct" which will assist you in actually getting to the bridge if you are not familiar with the area.

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