Things To Do While at Highbridge Park

This is a new section and we will be filling out each of these items with more specific information.
Stay tuned.  If you know of something else to do, please let us know here.  If you want to help with filling in any missing information, please let us know that too!

Take a Walk or Bicycle on The High Bridge or in Highbridge Park
Visit the High Bridge Water Tower
Visit the High Bridge Recreation Center
Swim in the Highbridge Swimming Pool
Play Baseball
Play Basketball
Fly a Kite
Have a Picnic
Sit on a Park Bench
Do Some Birdwatching
Take a Jog in the Park
Climb the John T. Brush Stairway
See the Remains of the Old Croton Aqueduct
Visit the Children's Playground
Visit the Skateboard Park
Travel the Mountain Bike Trail
Walk the Highbridge ParkTrails
Bicycle the Highbridge Park Trails and the Bridge
Visit the Juan Bosch Plaza
Visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion
Visit the Jumel Historic District
Visit the Plaza de las Americas

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