Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Public Sector Projects in High Bridge Park

Juan Bosch Plaza (completed 2013)

Project Description

Highbridge Park - Redevelopment of the High Bridge ($61,800,000)
Highbridge Park Fieldhouse -  Splash house ($1,650,000)


6/9/2015 5/5/2014
Highbridge Park - Constr Of Prof Juan Bosch Plaza (est. $850,000)8/22/2011  6/28/2013
Highbridge Park - Demoliton/reconstruction Of Brush Stairway ($900,000)8/22/20119/28/2013
Highbridge Park - Baseball field ($1,277,000)9/13/20106/17/2011
Wallenberg Plgd (m037-04) - Court of Dreams Basketball Courts ($90,000)4/8/20106/15/2010
Highbridge Dog Run (m037)1/20/20103/15/2010
Highbridge Park - Dog Run (m037)10/2/20093/15/2010
Highbridge Zone 9 Asphalt Path To Harlem River Drive8/20/20099/21/2009
Highbridge Park - Laurel Hill Terrace Lower Asphalt Path (m037)8/17/200910/28/2009
Highbridge Dog Run (m037)5/8/20093/15/2010
Highbridge Park - Laurel Hill Terrace Sidewalks & Wallenberg Gates (m037)3/17/20099/16/2009
Highbridge Park - Fire Alarm System In Highbridge Bathhouse10/31/20082/9/2009
Trees - Highbridge Park (m037) & Inwood Hill Park (m042)9/15/20086/8/2009
Highbridge Pipe Rail Fence (m037)9/2/20089/24/2008
Highbridge Park - Dyckman Sitting Area (m037-11)8/18/20089/4/2008
Raoul Wallenberg Plgd C.s. (m037-04)8/4/20087/28/2009
Highbridge Park - Sidewalks (amsterdam Ave From 173 To 175 Sts)5/29/20088/1/2008
Highbridge Park - Buczek Ballfield & Adjacent Basketball Court9/5/200711/19/2007
Highbridge Park - Construction Of Access Ramp & Stairway ($4,200,000)5/21/20075/13/2008
Highbridge Rec Center (m037-06)2/20/20076/11/2007
Highbridge Park - Emergency Stabilization Of 800 Lf Of Rockwall Face11/28/20056/13/2006
Highbridge Park - Little League Baseball Field (m037)10/17/20055/5/2006
Highbridge Park (m037)7/28/20059/14/2005
Fort George Plgd (m037-09)7/7/20058/15/2005
Highbridge Recreation Center (m037)6/6/20052/15/2006
(plumbing) Highbridge Bathhouse - Gym Floor & Misc Work9/13/200412/10/2004
Highbridge Bathhouse - Gym Floor & Misc Work9/13/20043/18/2005
Site Work @ Highbridge Park Plgd (m037)9/7/20048/12/2005
Site Work @ Highbridge Park-greenway (m037)5/19/20038/6/2003
Highbridge Bathhouse (m037-200m) (pl)3/31/20033/21/2006
Highbridge Park - Paths - Dyckman St. To W.186 St11/4/200212/2/2003
Site Work @ Raol Wallenberg Plgd (highbridge Pk) (m03704)7/16/20029/18/2002
(electrical) Highbridge Park Bathhouse9/25/20006/22/2001
(plumbing) Highbridge Park Bathhouse9/18/20006/22/2001
Site Work @ Highbridge Park (m037)9/5/200010/5/2000
Highbridge Park - Court & Landscape Areas Adj To W.175-177 Sts.7/31/20001/25/2001
Sidewalks, Pvmts & Site Work @ Raoul Wallenberg Plgd (m037-04)7/6/20008/2/2000
Highbridge Park - Waterproofing Pool & Deck Areas3/17/20008/17/2000
Highbridge Park - Pool Mechanical Systems3/16/20008/17/2000
Steel Beam Guide Rail & Bollard Work @ Highbridge Park (m037)10/12/199911/17/1999
Pavements @ Ft. George Playground In Highbridge Park (m037-09)2/18/19994/20/1999
Ballfield Dugouts & Fencing In Highbridge Park (m037)1/27/19995/26/1999
Highbridge Park - Wallenberg Plgd.7/20/19985/25/1999
Highbridge Park Bathhouse & Pool - H & V Systems6/22/19985/6/1999
Highbridge Park - Lawn Area @ West 157th St. (m037)5/18/19987/30/1998
Playground @ West 173rd St. In Highbridge Park (m037-05b)5/18/19987/30/1998
Area Around Highbridge Tower In Highbridge Park(m037b)5/18/19987/30/1998
Highbridge Park - Boilers & Htg Systems @ Wallenberg Plgd (m037-04)5/11/199811/23/1999
Sidewalks & Pavements @ W. 181 Street Underpass In Highbridge Park (m037)1/21/19985/5/1998
Play Equipment, Safety Surface, Handball Cts. & Sitework @ Quisqueya Plgd. (m037)10/21/19973/10/1998
Fences, Guiderails & Sitework @ Quisqueya (highbridge Park) Plgd. (m037)9/23/19972/9/1998
Highbridge Park -"the Sunken Playground" @ 167th St.7/29/199612/30/1997
Highbridge Park Rec. Ctr. - Pool Filtration System3/4/199612/5/1996

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  1. Most of the money for the construction of the Brush Stairway has been provided by private sources, including the Major League Baseball teams (Giants, Mets, Yankees, etc)

  2. Lucinda (168th St.)August 22, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    When is Parks & Rec going to do a major eradication of the Poison Ivy in the Park?