Saturday, March 21, 2015

City to Create New "Plaza de Las Americas" near Highbridge Park on 175th St.

According to an article in StreetsBLOGNYC on March 20, 2015 the city broke ground on a new Plaza on 175th St between Broadway and Wadsworth Ave. The more than 1/4 acre Plaza de Las Americas will be located next to the historic United Palace Theatre.   Amenities for the Plaza will include trees, lighting, benches, tables, chairs and a fountain by artist Ester Partegas according to the DOT.


  1. I can't believe my eyes that all these wonderful improvements are happening right here in the Heights. I knew that some day this place would improve. I just can't wait until the High Bridge opens on July 25th too.

  2. Does anyone know when this Plaza will be completed? What are they going to do with the farmer's market while the construction is going on? Will they allow the farmer's market (flee market) to return after the plaza is completed. Is this tied into the Highbridge Park renovation somehow? A lot of questions. Very few answers.

  3. Paula (Bennett Ave.)March 24, 2015 at 6:38 PM

    I think they are going to allow the farmer's market to return, but will they let the other venders come back too?