Thursday, May 14, 2015

Swing from Highbridge Park from 1890

Swing from Highbridge Park (c. 1890)
There are still remnants to be found from the early days at Highbridge Park.  While it may not be in the best of condition, there is nothing that a little scraping and painting can't do to make this look like it was made yesterday.  Back in the 1890s Highbridge Park and the High Bridge were the wonders of New York along with Central Park.  Residents would take their children to the playground for enjoyment with plenty of recreational diversions, like this swing.

Today, the swings have been replaced with newer models, but soon the original High Bridge will be back in use again.  Make sure to keep you eyes and ears open as to the actual date that the redeveloped bridge will open.


  1. It looks like one of those medieval chastity belts if you ask me. Ugh!

    1. I wouldn't let my kid swing in that thing.

  2. The caption says High Bridge Park but was it really part of Fort George or in the narrow strip of playgrounds along Edgecombe and Amsterdam? Even had a safety bar.

  3. While the source of this picture claims that the swing is from Highbridge Park, there might have been similar swings up by Fort George. We have few residents old enough and still living to remember what was really at these various playgrounds way back then. Does anyone have any photos from back then that might help us out here?