Friday, January 8, 2016

Imagine a High Bridge Cafe

High Bridge Café, Lincoln, UK

We have posted about the High Bridge in Lincoln, UK on this blog before, but I had no idea that the building on the bridge is, in fact, now occupied by a café.  The Stokes High Bridge in Lincoln was built about 1160 AD and is believed to be the oldest building on a bridge in the UK still standing. Now, we have just received the information below which makes one imagine what could be at or near our historic High Bridge over the Harlem River.  Please pardon the British language below, but a local frequenter of the Stokes café says,

"An excellent Tudor style coffee house situated in the centre of Lincoln by the canal. Waitress service no paper cups and to cap it all they do a very good egg and sausage sandwich. The coffee is excellent, the café a little bit on the cold side first thing, but there are soon queues for tables.

The quainter dinning areas are upstairs but there is no lift so difficult if you have mobility issues. The shop on the ground floor sells some interesting local produce as well."

Stokes on High Bridge, in an Elizabethan building, on a Norman Bridge over the River Witham flowing through the centre of Lincoln, is one of the top coffee shops in the country.

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  1. If only.. Who would take the chance. There is nothing decent around the park. Why won't someone step up and put a decent place near the park.

  2. I'd go to a place like that any day of the week. Please upgrade the restaurants along Amsterdam Ave. Not only will it provide refreshments for visitors, it will be better than the blight we have to look at from the park now.

  3. I'll tell you why there is no place like the Stokes Cafe near the High Bridge in theHeights. The nearby residents don't want to improve the neighborhood with nice places. It would cause the rents to go up. They want the same grimey old delis and cell phone stores, or better yet, empty stores. That's why.

  4. Can't you just imagine that the skating rink is already installed and there is a wonderful cafe overlooking the new ice rink with fireplaces and cozy tables for visitors to warm up while they watch the skaters twirling around the rink. The New Uptown Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink. What an attraction it could be.