Friday, February 19, 2016

Another Dynamic Image of the High Bridge by Darren Levine

He is a Photographer/Videographer in NYC. When he isn't doing his regular work, he hunts around for photographic opportunities to capture.
GH4 Tokina 11-20 2.8On my way back from a gig, i happened to have the right camera with me, and i knew i would be passing by this area. The high bridge is a recently re-opened pedestrian bridge which they added these fantastic lights to. I had been meaning to find a good vantage point for some time, and finally found myself heading there at the right time with the right gear. I drove up and around, but only found tree-blocked views, then as i was heading back to the highway to head home, i actually had to pass right by this vantage point to get back into the highway. Darren Levine