Tuesday, May 24, 2016

City Parks Department to Install Mobile Charging Stations in Highbridge Parks

According to an exclusive in the New York Daily News, the city will be testing high-tech park benches in Highbridge Parks (in both Manhattan and the Bronx) that allow visitors to recharge their batteries while getting a boost for their cell phones and tablets.
"Five Soofa benches with free charging stations will be installed at Highbridge Parks in the Bronx and upper Manhattan.  The benches — developed out of the MIT Media Lab — can also keep track of how many people visit the parks by counting their Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
The Parks Department will spend about $24,000 on the solar-powered benches, which have been used in several other cities, including Boston and Los Angeles.  The first bench is set to be installed on Tuesday at Highbridge Park in the Bronx.  The remaining four will be up and running within the next 30 days, according to the agency."

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