Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Celebrating the Reopening of the High Bridge

While the scaffolding has not all been removed and other items here and there that still remain to be done, the High Bridge officially opened this morning, June 9, 2015, amid much pomp and circumstance.  Visitors to this historic New York iconic landmark can now cross the Harlem River on a bridge without having to deal with the motorized traffic so common to most other bridges.  The views are breathtaking.  The vision to restore the High Bridge has been a long time in coming.

For more information on the opening see the NYC Parks and Recreation announcement.

and Streetblogs post.  See also the WCBS video.
The New York Times has now logged in to the activities with an article.
Here is the Washington Post article.
City Journal has also posted an article celebrating the opening of the High Bridge.
Spoiled.nyc has also chimed in with an article.
The Bronx Times has also let us know about the bridge.


  1. It was a moving experience. The energy was intense and the message was simple. Modern and simple we are entering a new era. Times are changing and Northern Manhattan and Bronx are not sitting idle any more. We are uniting for something bigger.

  2. Get on your jogging shoes, or your skates, or your bike, or just go barefoot. This is going to be great. The views from the bridge are incredible. This is a great day for us in the community and for all who come to see and experience the bridge.

  3. I was a little disappointed with the way they publicized the opening. There was no information on when during the day it would occur. The attendance was poor given the size of the project. The only saving grace is that the Celebration to be held on July 25 should be well attended and not all the scaffolding is still not removed at this point.