Saturday, August 29, 2015

Linear Parks are Being Proposed in Many Cities

Proposed Cultural Corridor Chapultepec, Mexico City

In a number of articles in Mother Nature Network Matt Hickman blogs about the latest plans to convert existing areas in various metropolitan cities around the world into linear parks.

For what some have called the Champs-Élysées of Mexico City, Avenida Chapultepec, a linear park with some features not too dissimilar to those of the High Bridge or The High Line in New York City has been proposed (see illustration above).

While the Chapultepec Corridor does not pass over water, it was the site of an aqueduct that passed in ancient days from what is now Chapultepec Park towards the downtown Zocalo (City Center).  Both the Chapultepec Corridor and The High Bridge sport remnants of their respective aqueduct past.  The Chapultepec Corridor will also connect two areas of Mexico City that have been disconnected due to the heavy automobile traffic on Chapultepec Avenue, whereas, The High Bridge now connects Washington Heights with the Highbridge section of the Bronx.

Consistent with new trends in the design of linear parks, the there will be many areas reserved exclusively for use by pedestrians and bicyclists with many areas for plants and vegetation and recreational areas.

Also of note is the proposed Seoul Korea Skygarden. The Skygarden will be a public park situated on a soon-to-be-blocked highway overpass as 'a pleasant shortcut through a green oasis in the midst of all the traffic and concrete.'

Proposed Skygarden, Seoul, Korea

The next proposed linear park conversion is the Miami Underline, a 10 mile long park located underneath the Miami Metro Rail.
The Underline, Miami Florida
We also reported in August the Trend toward landscaped pedestrian and bicycle bridges in London, England and in Washington D.C.

Proposed London Garden Bridge to be completed in 2018
Proposed 11th Street Park Bridge, Washington D.C.
And, finally, the High Line in our own New York City that is not even on the drawing board since it already exists.
The High Line, New York City (existing)
revised 9/1/15

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