Thursday, March 24, 2016

Appalachian Mountain Club Leads Hike Around High Bridge, 10:30AM April 9


Event Details

OrganizerCynthia Tollo Falls



PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU RSVP. I TAKE THE RSVP PROCESS VERY SERIOUSLY AND I EXPECT THAT YOU SHOULD TOO. Join me and AMC dues paying Club members who do not have to RSVP on a fun fast paced hiking tour of around 8-9 miles. 
MEETING DETAILS WILL BE SENT BY E-MAIL TO THOSE WHO RSVP THURSDAY NIGHT APRIL 7. We already did Part II in October 2015. (I count backwards!) In Part II we visited the High Bridge and then headed North. This time, Part I, we are going to visit the High Bridge from the South.
Closed for some 40 years, the High Bridge recently opened up. It spans the Harlem River and connects Manhattan to the Bronx and was once used to bring water from the Croton Aqueduct to New York City. (The Manhattan Boro President said This is almost the eighth wonder of the world and that is one great exaggeration but it is pretty cool to walk over it.) Before we visit the High Bridge we'll tour Riverside Park, we'll then see the the amazing Viaduct and we'll stop very briefly for lunch at Riverbank State Park. There will be some spectacular views of the Hudson River along the way. We will move at a fast pace but we'll stop for a very short while a number of times to talk about what we see. Much of the hike will be along the waterfront. AFTER LUNCH WE ARE ALSO GOING TO TAKE A SHORT BREAK TO VISIT A UNIQUE ART EXHIBITION. In addition, right before we get to the High Bridge, we'll visit what was once the little village of Carmansville located in the West 150s and then we'll walk back and forth over the High Bridge. WE WILL THEN CLIMB UP ONE HUGE FLIGHT OF STAIRS-trust me this is the best way to do this for a number of reasons-and then we'll finish up at a subway station. THERE IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF SURPRISES ON THIS ONE.
BRING LUNCH. NO FOOD STOPS TO BUY LUNCH. PLAN ON FINISHING BEFORE DINNER. (That means I'm not sure when we will finish-maybe around 5 or so?!)
We will meet BEFORE 10:30 A.M. to sign in. WE LEAVE PROMPTLY.
Meeting place will be close to a subway.
I bet you stopped reading by now-if not earlier! KEEP GOING-EXERT YOURSELF A LITTLE BIT.
Please consider joining the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) The Club offers many hikes, walks and events and is also active in conservation efforts and trail maintenance. Only a few of the many hikes and walks that are offered by AMC leaders are posted on Meetup. 
Since this event will be posted as a last minute hike to AMC Club members, there is NO need for AMC club members to RSVP for this-unless you don't get last minute e-mails from Yahoo. (Contact me a few days before the hike if you are a dues paying AMC Club member and don't get these e-mails and I'll tell you how). Let's leave 10 spaces for AMC Meetup members.
 Needless to say, please take the RSVP process seriously and be considerate. If you have been a NO SHOW on any previous AMC Meetup event that I have led or are an abuser of the RSVP process see your Attendance History- please do not sign up for this event because I am just going to delete your RSVP. Let someone else go who will actually show up. PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED OTHER AMC MEETUP EVENTS THAT I HAVE LED. 
I am going to ask that people not post any comments or questions prior to the event. You have more than enough information to do this once you get the meeting details. No offense, but I don't need to know-and probably neither does anyone else- what you are doing that day if you can't make it or what you think the weather will be. AFTER the event, post as many comments and photos as you like.
If the weather forecast is really bad, See the Accuweather website like I do, I will post a notice on the day of the hike by 8:00 A.M. If there is no notice, we go. We will finish at the A subway station at 175th Street.

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