Sunday, September 25, 2016

The High Bridge Mystery of May 23, 1955

Earlier this month we posted the story of Max Snyder and the mysterious money he found in Highbridge Park in 1928.  Thanks to the posting of that article we were able to identify Max's son, Robert, and find out that Max did eventually end up keeping the $711 he found in the can in a crevice in the Park.

Today we have another mystery that happened around May 23, 1955 at the High Bridge.  The snapshot above was taken by some unknown tourist traveling on the Circle Line around Manhattan on May 21, 1955. There is nothing unusual about the picture, except, on the rear there is a note which appears in the picture below:

If you are cursive writing impaired the note says, "People looking down from High Bridge over Harlem River as our boat went under.  2 days later [5/23/55] a 17 yr. old boy who'd just enlisted as a paratrooper jumped from this bridge to fulfill a boast to friends that 'paratroopers can jump from anything.' He was killed when he hit the water.  5/21/'55"

Truly a tragedy, but we can find no articles in any of the local papers about this.  Does anyone have any information that they can add? Please comment below.

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