Thursday, September 1, 2016

Where to Park near the High Bridge

We know that there is a limited amount of parking and it is difficult to find a parking space on the street near the High Bridge and Highbridge Park.

These are the locations for parking facilities in this area and published rates.  Good Luck and have a great time.

Name                  Address                 Cross Street                      Rate


MTP Parking     4070 Broadway     Btwn. 171 & 172 St.         $18/2 hrs.
Park-it Mgmt.    506 W. 181st St.    Near Amsterdam Ave.      $10/2 hrs.
Barrington         467 W. 165th St.    Btwn. Amsterdam &
                                                         Edgecombe                       $15/2 hrs.
J B Parking        477 W. 165th St.   Ditto                                  $14/2 hrs.
SP Plus              3910 Broadway     165th and St. Nick            $18/2 hrs.
PV Parking       554 W. 174th St.  St. Nick & Audubon       $  8/2 hrs.
Alliance Park     528 W. 162nd St.  Btwn. B'way &
                                                         Edgecombe                       $10/2 hrs.


Chile Parking     1282-6 Shakespeare
                                                         Btwn. 169th & 170th        $  8/2 hrs.
K & N Parking 1250 Edward Grant
                                                         169th St.                           $  5/2 hrs.

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