Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jumel Terrace Historic District

Rowhouses on Sylvan Terrace (Jumel Terrace Historic District)

Jumel Terrace Historic District is a National Historic District in Washington HeightsNew York, New York. It consists of 49 contributing residential row houses and apartment buildings built between 1882 and 1909. The buildings are primarily wood or brick in the Queen Anne and Romanesque styles and includes a cobblestone street.  Also located in the district is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, dated to about 1765.

The District is located in Manhattan between 162nd and 160th Street on the North and South and St. Nicholas Ave. and Edgecombe Ave. on the West and East.  It is located primarily immediately to the West of the Morris Jumel Mansion Museum which is adjacent to Highbridge Park. The streets contained within the District include parts of Edgecombe Ave., 160th St., and 162nd St., and the entirety of Jumel Terrace and Sylvan Terrace. Some of the district is on the Southern side of 160th St. and the Northern side of 162nd. St.

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