Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Man Jumps from High Bridge and Survives

Thanks to Jason Ubych of the Tain Museum, Ross-Shire Scotland for finding this image

Ronald Donaldson, successfully jumped off the High Bridge as described here in the New York Times.  The 30 year old Scotchman jumped from the center of the 128 foot high bridge into the Harlem River.  Of course, if you are looking in the newspaper for this news, you will, most likely, not find it unless you go back 133 years to when the event actually occurred on August 18, 1880.
This may have been the world record for a high dive into water. I am researching this and will post the timeline of records when completed.  In the meantime, if you have any records you would like to have included, please comment below and I will arrange them into appropriate order.
Who would have known that this local bridge would have been the world record site for the high dive?
Earlier this year a construction worker fell off the Bridge and died.  For further information on this event please see this posting.
Apparently, when high jumping off cliffs, it is referred to as tombstoning.  I wonder why?


August 18, 1880    Ronald Donaldson      128    ft.          The High Bridge, Harlem River NYC
Before 1985           Dana Kunze                172    ft.  
1985                      Randy Dickinson         174.7 ft.          Hong Kong
1987                      Oliver Favre                 177   ft.
1886                      Larry Donovan             190   ft           Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge

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