Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Private Sector Developments On or Near Amsterdam Ave. Near the Park

The stretch of properties along the west side of Amsterdam Ave (the section between 170th and 178th Streets face the park directly) is currently zoned for retail commercial use.  Many of the spaces are vacant and underutilized. There are some vacant lots.
The vacancies, in this particular case can be very beneficial for development purposes for the anticipated redeployment of these locations compatible with the new vitalization of the High Bridge and the park.  We are fortunate that the setback from the curb in many instances approaches 20 feet.  As an added benefit, this will allow for the anticipated restaurants, bike shops and other establishments to utilize this additional space to serve their customers, thereby increasing their effective footprints without additional cost.

Please send us any news that you would like to post in this section. If you have a vacancy that you would like to add, we will post that also.

2113 Amsterdam Ave. (165th St.)

The first tangible sign that the neighborhood is responding to the redevelopment effort has surfaced.
The Word Up Bookstore has leased space here, thanks to its proprietor Veronica Liu.  At a gala grand opening celebration Word UP opened on Friday, July 26, 2013 and wish them all the success that they deserve. A few hundred people were present for the opening.  There were opening comments, a ribbon cutting ceremony, food and music for the occasion.

This is the only true bookstore in Washington Heights. It is open to retail traffic. Bravo and much success.

There is an excellent article on them in the New York Times, June 7, 2013.  The new location is a few blocks north of the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum, just below the point where the park borders on Amsterdam Ave.

You can visit their website to get more information about them.
There have been a slew of new articles written in the press about this organization, see Publisher's Weekly, The Daily News, Remezcla, and DNAinfo.

2372-2376 Amsterdam Ave (between 177th and 178th Sts.)

These 65 unit Mixed use buildings across from Highbridge Park have come up For Sale in July 2013. To contact the owners please look at the appropriate tab across the top of this page  (175th St. - 178th St.).  As of June 2014 these buildings are in contract for sale. Closing some time in August or September.

2310 Amsterdam Ave. (SW corner of 175th St.)

Jan. 22, 2013 -- The owners of 2310 Amsterdam Ave., Mauray Realty USA LLC,  have committed to an aggressive development project to refurbish this mixed use building containing substantial commercial and community space and 68 residential apartment units.
The entire facade of this building will be repointed and cleaned.  This will make the panoramic view from the Park more attractive.  Additionally, the commercial space, which is currently vacant, will be converted to a single tenant retail space with over 88 feet of frontage on Amsterdam Ave.  to accommodate an anchor tenant to provide services to visitors to the High Bridge Park immediately across the street.  It is anticipated that this effort will require in excess of $1 Million in capital expenditures on the part of the owners.  For more information on the development project please contact Michael Bayne, Langsam Property Services, at 718 518 0367 x 288. For more information on the retail space please contact Erasmo Corniel,  exclusive broker, at 646-302-0243 or email Floor plans available on request.

As of July 7, 2013 a contract has been finalized with Total Construction of New York for the facade work at this location. It is anticipated that the work will be completed by summer 2014.  Great care has been given to maintaining the character of the building.  Additionally, there has been great interest in the retail space by national tenants responding to the upcoming opening of the High Bridge in late 2014.

As of August 16, 2013 construction has actually begun on this project. A completion date in darly spring 2014 is expected.

As of May 29, the facade work has almost been completed. On schedule for a summer completion.  The building looks like it was built this year and not 100 years ago.
As of August 22, 2014 the scaffolding has been removed.  Final touch up work is proceeding on the facade.  Congratulations!
It looks as though the building was built last year as the construction at this site is concluded.  A great redevelopment effort on the part of the owners of this building.

Given that the High Bridge will allow only bicycle and pedestrian traffic, it would be expected that a retail bicycle operator would be interested in a commercial lease. We have also noted that the only Mountain bicycle track in the city is also currently located in Highbridge Park.

We have been approached by a firm that would like to have a retail bicycle rental/sales/repair business along Amsterdam Ave., preferably between 170th and 175th St.  Their needs include about 500-800 ft of retail space with good sidewalk availability for rental bicycles and a large amount of basement or storage space that is accessible (the more the better (>1500 sq. ft. would be ideal)).  Please contact Erasmo Corniel via email at if you are an owner that has this type of space available.

426 West 160th Street: Jumel Terrace Books and B&B

Please see our post on this hidden gem.

2284 Amsterdam Ave.

725 sf retail space for rent at 501 West 173rd St (store is on Amsterdam Ave)
For details click here.

562 West 164th St. (Corner with Broadway)

The Heights Tavern  opened at 4pm on August 29. There is video on Facebook as of 8/28/13 showing the firing up of the kitchen. This upscale eatery will be providing a bar, food, and live music (jazz, etc.) to neighborhood residents and the many new visitors we are expecting as a result of the improvements at the High Bridge and the Park.  Please visit their website and frequent the establishment to help sustain the momentum of the redevelopment effort now taking hold in the neighborhood.  This is a welcome addition after the closure of the JPMorgan Chase Bank that was the previous tenant at this location. Please let us know what you think about your experiences there. Just comment below.

Washington Heights' First Boutique Hotel

On July 30, 2013, the Daily News reported that the First Boutique Hotel in Washington Heights (I suppose they mean since colonial times, the Blue Bell Tavern at 181st and Broadway) will be opened. It will be located at 181st Street and Audubon Ave.  They also indicate that a second boutique hotel will also soon be completed next year at 168th Street and Audubon Ave.  More signs that the area is soon to be a destination for travelers to the uptown area.
Reports are now in that this hotel is now ready to open. It is located on 181st St. right next door to the firehouse between Amsterdam Ave and Audubon Ave.

GW Bus Terminal $100 Million Redevelopment

While it is not immediately near the Highbridge Park, and it may not be considered Private Development, it is in the immediate area and the retail outlet are Private sector.  Please see the post on this wonderful development.

444 W 167th St.  THE HIGHBRIDGE

The owners of 444 W. 167th St. will complete their new building in 2015.   "The HIghbridge" will overlook Highbridge park.  For more information see:

Company Catered Events

This establishment has opened on the corner of Edgecombe Ave.(#537) and 159th St. This is, as the name implies a catering company which also provides delectable faire for walk in customers.  It appears to have been well received by the local neighborhood.  We are sure, once the Park traffic increases with the opening of the Bridge that they will flourish.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

Retail Space For Rent - Corner Amsterdam Ave. & 178th St.

2376 Amsterdam Ave.  1200 sq. ft. $5,000/month.

This corner location has heavy drive-by and walk-by exposure. . This location is across from the High Bridge Park and the Redevelopment of the High Bridge. This would make a wonderful coffee shop (Dunkin Donuts), Deli/Grocery, Optical, laundrymat or any other businesses that desire prime location for a great price.

Call 212 928-5050 or email

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  1. Congratulations to Word Up on the reopening of their store on Amsterdam Ave. This is just the kind of retail operation will improve the neighborhood. I will support their efforts by shopping there.

  2. Paul (Washington Heights)June 14, 2013 at 11:22 AM

    I had no idea this was going on. Thanks for the information.

  3. The next thing you know the rents are going to be going sky high. There is no place left in Manhattan for people to get a decent rent on an apartment.

  4. Gloria (167th St)August 8, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    Sam, which do you want, a better neighborhood, or cheaper rents? I, for one, would prefer a neighborhood that has all the services of the other areas of the city. The fact that we have two hotels going in is good for us. I like the idea that I can rent a bicycle here instead of having to go elsewhere, etc., etc. I want the city to recognize that this is an area that they have to take good care of and be nice to the residents like other parts.

  5. Barbara (Washington Heights)August 9, 2013 at 1:47 AM

    Wow! A bicycle rental store. That is great. I can't wait for the bridge and the bicycle rental store to open. That will be so cool to be able to cross that bridge on a bicycle. Thank you so much Mayor Bloomberg for your forsight.

    1. Tom (Morningside Heights)August 20, 2013 at 2:10 PM

      What I want to know is what is being planned for the other end of the bridge. If you rent that bicycle and take the trip all the way over to the Bronx, what activities are they planning for that area?

  6. This is great. We now will have hotels so we don't have to go downtown or to Fort Lee for a room. How much are they going to charge?

  7. On March 27, 2013 a lot was sold in Highbridge, in the Bronx: 920 University Avenue, located between West 161st and West 165th Streets. This site will become the closest hotel to Yankee Stadium. This is also located only a short distance from the Bronx end of the High Bridge and the park at that end of the bridge.

  8. Word Up is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood!

  9. Larry (Washington Heights)August 20, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    The Heights Tavern will be opening this week. I hope that it is as good as everyone says it is going to be. These are the same guys who opened the Harlem Tavern on 116th St which has been so cool. Can't wait. It will be a zoo this weekend

    1. Larry,
      I hope not to disappoint you, but they will not be opening until next week the earliest. I hear that they had to clear up a few more details with the building department before they could get the permits to open.
      Hang in there.

    2. Erasmo (Ft. Washington Ave.)August 30, 2013 at 12:20 PM

      The Heights Tavern opened August 29. It is fantastic. I stopped by. I met Stephen, the proprietor, as well, he was very excited. This place is going to change the entire neighborhood... It is looking really good....

    3. We have received reports from our sources that every seat in the Heights Tavern is taken and there are waiting lines outside. Bravo for the Heights Tavern. A great addition to the neighborhood.

    4. John (Upper West Side)September 3, 2013 at 4:49 PM

      I had gone to the Harlem Tavern and liked the place a lot. I thought the lines were too long there. I had heard that that the same owners were opening the Heights Tavern. I decided to try it out. I line the Heights Tavern much more. The seating is much more like a restaurant than the other place. Eliminating the picnic tables was a good idea. The food continues to be great. There is a wonderful buzz about the place. All the best of luck to them in their new location.
      If they continue their theme, they should next be opening the Highbridge Tavern somewhere along Amsterdam Avenue soon. It has a certain ring to it.

  10. Carlos (Washington Heights)August 21, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    Where do I buy my "Take a Ride on The High Bridge" T-Shirt and Cap. Do you have a logo yet?