Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum

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Photo courtesy Sailko

One of the most curious gems hidden away in Washington Heights is the old Morris-Jumel Mansion. It is immediately across the street from the High Bridge Park at 161st St. If you are at the Park you must make a trip to see it (make sure it is open when you want to visit).  It will be well worth the trip.

This often overlooked Colonial site that is now operated as a Museum was once the home of Aaron Burr.  It is open to the public. Both the home and the garden have been restored to the way they were in  the colonial period and make you feel like you have travelled back in time over 200 years to the founding of the nation. In fact, it is the oldest home in Manhattan, having been built in 1765, almost 250 years ago.

It was at this site in the fall of 1776 that General George Washington used the house as his headquarters  for the Battle of Harlem Heights where Washington prevailed over the British. Eventually, however,  he retreated to White Plains over King's Bridge and Dyckman's bridges at the northern end of Manhattan.

It was also at this site after the end of the Revolutionary War, on July 10, 1790 that President George Washington dined with four of his cabinet members (Alexander Hamilton - Secretary of Treasury, John Adams - Vice President, Henry Knox - Secretary of War, and Thomas Jefferson - Secretary of State),  two of whom would go on to become presidents in their own right.

Morris Jumel Mansion c. 1900

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    Yes, A must see. I concur.

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  3. Things are picking up in the area of Morris Park near Highbridge Park. 431 West162nd St, a single family brownstone is up for sale at $2.5M. Let the gentrification begin.